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African Regalia

We have a very unique fashion line where high quality materials and authentic one-off designs are used. This guarantees our customers a unique African piece which is made to fit within 48 hours upon order. We take particular attention in stitching and fitting to give you the comfort you deserve.

African Regalia is a Nairobi (Kenya) based company with headquarters in the quiet suburb of Ridgeways.

We specialize in custom made, modern African clothing. Our ‘niche’ is to provide unique functional and fashionable clothing that meets the needs and desires of a modern African who wants to keep his/her ethnicity. Most of our clothing is designed to be worn during celebrations. The designs of our fabrics are inspired by the African environment reflecting rich color contrasts. Most of our fabrics are dyed in our back yard, making them unique. The rest of the fabrics are imported from West Africa, Ethiopia, India and Thailand


African regalia is an entrepreneurship founded in 2001 by Jane Wambui Odewale, a fashion designer.